Training Your Mind

Been thinking about trains a lot lately …

It’s hard not to, right? They’re all over the news these days. And then of course there’s the fact that you just took an epic cross-country trip by train.

Right – and what I’ve been thinking about is how those two things are connected. A week ago, I was touting that trip as a surprisingly entertaining experiment in lessening my carbon footprint, and talking about how government types should take the train once in a while rather than flying, to connect better with Canadians and the places where we live. I mean, you really get a grasp of the country when you spend 60+ hours winding through trees and rocks and prairies. And you really get a grasp of where people come from when you spend 60+ hours with them in coach.

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Grammar Rocks

Today I saw this!

And this!

They caused me internal seething, and the thought that, although Lynne Truss did an admirable job calling people’s attention to the misuse of apostrophes, maybe it’s time for a refresher lesson? Surely there must be a way to get this very simple rule across to people.

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Settled vs. Unsettled: Discuss

So I’m wondering about creativity and state of mind.

You always hear about tortured artists, so do you need to feel anxious or depressed to be creative? Like van Gogh??

Understanding how we tap into the creative force … so interesting. The word “unsettled” comes to mind for me. Which makes me wonder whether the creative force chooses people who are unsettled, or whether it is when people are unsettled that they are open to creative forces?

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Wisdom of the Female Elk

Some thoughts on evolution …

Articles we’re discussing in this bloxt:

Female elk become gun shy as they age, U of A research shows
Sperm counts among western men have halved in last 40 years – study
I just did CBC’s   “Demographic dance floor”  to find out where my family fits in the latest census data. Someone with our sense of humour designed this. Check it out.

Besides the distractingly cute dancing “you” figure, they have links to songs you might want to play on YouTube, based on your stats. So this is me, and the song selection is Amy Winehouse, Tears Dry on their Own.


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Activewear versus Shorts

Bast here again.

Cooch is still somewhere on the road in Canada and with questionable Wifi access, so I thought I’d post one of our recent debates on the merits (or not) of activewear and shorts, with appropriate embedded videos.


I’ve just realized that very few women wear shorts anymore. It’s like a thousand degrees out and everyone’s in yoga pants.?

Or capris. It’s because our legs age too…cellulite etc…

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