7 Solid Reasons Coal Should Never be King Again in Alberta



Nothing makes these two chicks squawk louder than manipulative, short-sighted men with power selling off stuff that isn’t theirs and telling people that the little bit of money that will find its way to them is worth trading away their air, water, soil and health – and that of the next generation and the one after that (should there be one). Damn, we’re mad.

In the category of incompetent governments falling back on a 19th century industry in the 21st century, we have Alberta Premier Jason Kenney aligning himself with coal companies, inviting them to set up open-pit coal mines in formerly protected areas across the province. You think we’re kidding? Check this out.

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Training Your Mind

Been thinking about trains a lot lately …

It’s hard not to, right? They’re all over the news these days. And then of course there’s the fact that you just took an epic cross-country trip by train.

Right – and what I’ve been thinking about is how those two things are connected. A week ago, I was touting that trip as a surprisingly entertaining experiment in lessening my carbon footprint, and talking about how government types should take the train once in a while rather than flying, to connect better with Canadians and the places where we live. I mean, you really get a grasp of the country when you spend 60+ hours winding through trees and rocks and prairies. And you really get a grasp of where people come from when you spend 60+ hours with them in coach.

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The Allure of Utopia – Part the First

Articles we’re discussing in this bloxt:

A truly libertarian country
Utopia: Nine of the most miserable attempts to create idealised societies
Hey, just reading about Vit Jedlicka’s Liberland – if you were to create a Utopian society, what would be the founding principles?

One of mine would be that everyone has to have a personal commitment statement (a.k.a. a personal mission statement). 

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