7 Solid Reasons Coal Should Never be King Again in Alberta



Nothing makes these two chicks squawk louder than manipulative, short-sighted men with power selling off stuff that isn’t theirs and telling people that the little bit of money that will find its way to them is worth trading away their air, water, soil and health – and that of the next generation and the one after that (should there be one). Damn, we’re mad.

In the category of incompetent governments falling back on a 19th century industry in the 21st century, we have Alberta Premier Jason Kenney aligning himself with coal companies, inviting them to set up open-pit coal mines in formerly protected areas across the province. You think we’re kidding? Check this out.

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Grammar Rocks

Today I saw this!

And this!

They caused me internal seething, and the thought that, although Lynne Truss did an admirable job calling people’s attention to the misuse of apostrophes, maybe it’s time for a refresher lesson? Surely there must be a way to get this very simple rule across to people.

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Activewear versus Shorts

Bast here again.

Cooch is still somewhere on the road in Canada and with questionable Wifi access, so I thought I’d post one of our recent debates on the merits (or not) of activewear and shorts, with appropriate embedded videos.


I’ve just realized that very few women wear shorts anymore. It’s like a thousand degrees out and everyone’s in yoga pants.?

Or capris. It’s because our legs age too…cellulite etc…

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