Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Question: do we really need fear given the world today? Or is fear over-rated?

Well, fear is a basic part of our makeup and our motivation as humans. And the world out there should be scary enough to meet our need to be scared. But in fact we avoid the scariness of the world and instead we scare ourselves with Stephen King stories. Is that what you mean?

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Vacays and Ghosties and Heaps of Roast Beasties

So, can we talk about submerging and re-emerging? Going deep to contemplate the state of the world and the collective consciousness – and finally breaking the silence with a profound insight that comes only after removing oneself from the distractions of daily life?

Too deep. Just call it what it was: we took a vacation.

Fine. No secret that I tend to take things too seriously. I mean, when a psychic tells you to lighten up …

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But what year is it, really?

So where do you stand on time being an artificial construct that gives us the illusion of moving forward rather than in circles?
Well, we are the only species – as far as we know – to understand the passage of time. So we have a history and a future. Although I’ve always thought elephants and dolphins might surprise us.

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Some perils of communication

Giving people room … to dance

Articles we’re discussing in this bloxt:

Miss Universe Canada finalist calling attention to gun violence
The Power of Proofreading
Oooooh, I like this – Miss Universe Canada raising awareness about a significant social issue … beauty pageant contestants showing their deeper side … people who are not customarily thought of as speaking up (like athletes) bringing issues to the attention of the public by using their media presence …

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