Activewear versus Shorts

Bast here again.

Cooch is still somewhere on the road in Canada and with questionable Wifi access, so I thought I’d post one of our recent debates on the merits (or not) of activewear and shorts, with appropriate embedded videos.


I’ve just realized that very few women wear shorts anymore. It’s like a thousand degrees out and everyone’s in yoga pants.?

Or capris. It’s because our legs age too…cellulite etc…

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Cats as Canaries, and a call to action

The Mystery of the Wasting House-Cats and how everyday chemicals affect our health and that of our pets.

The article behind the bloxt.

Wow. With all the testing supposedly done on chemicals before they are approved, how does something like this escape detection? Because the results of testing are not released transparently, that’s why. There have been so many warnings about fracking but they tend to be dismissed as testimonials that don’t hold any weight against the “economic benefits”. Maybe the general public would be stronger advocates against reckless development if stories like this about helpless animals were shared more widely. Sad.

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